First and foremost a youth theatre organization, we rely on and encourage youth involvement in every facet of our operations. In theatre productions, students are involved in and consistently responsible for set design and construction; props and costumes; stage managing; sound and lighting design.

Students are involved in all of our planning and oversight decisions also, from the Words Players steering committee to play selection and education decisions. As a community theatre, youth, students and adults from a wide variety of backgrounds are involved with our work.

Theatre productions provide unique opportunities for people with unique talents and areas of expertise to come together on a project and work together toward a common goal. In a given year we have between 300 - 500 volunteers involved in our productions – on stage and off. Entire families join us during the intense 6-8 week production cycle – painting, hammering, drilling, sewing.

Attention to community participation is a focus and priority. Farmers' Markets, arts events, charity benefits – all provide our actors with performance opportunities and outstanding ways to connect with and be a vital part of our community. We actively pursue these opportunities and are frequently asked to take part in events.

Partnerships with other arts organizations are also a priority. In the past three years we have worked with Crossings at Carnegie in Zumbrotathe Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro andthe Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona for participation and performance opportunities.

Some of our favorite Words Players photos: