The Journey

I loved seeing SkyVault at fest this year. What a wonderful thing for young people to participate in.
— One of the Renaissance Festival actors, posted on the SkyVault Facebook page.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is the largest renaissance festival in the United States, with an annual attendance of 300,000. The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company has been performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 2014, and we expanded our Renaissance Festival cast this year, with about 60 — adults and youth — participating with us, including a couple of actors from the Twin Cities metro area.

In all the years I have been here, certainly in the last 30, I have never seen a group walk through an audition and then come onto this site and so totally own the experience.
And doing so in a way that reminds all of us, I think, of what it really means to perform here for an audience.
— Carr Hagerman, Entertainment Director for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

In 2014, the first year SkyVault participated in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, they were presented with the Bottomless Hat Award for Best New Act.

Sherwood Forest, opened in 2015, and occupied by our cast of merry men, archers, and musicians, has become one of the largest areas within the Festival grounds, with an average of 12,000 people per day coming through in 2016. 

SkyVault troupe members also ran the Castle Escape this year.

Photos from the 2016 Renaissance Festival, with Sherwood Forest actors and the SkyVault Minstrel Troupe:

Photos from the 2015 Renaissance Festival, with Sherwood Forest actors and the SkyVault Minstrel Troupe:

Daved Driscoll as William Shakespeare, bidding the crowd farewell at the end of the night, with the SkyVault troupe throwing flowers to the revelers.

Photos from the 2014 Renaissance Festival, with the SkyVault Minstrel Troupe: