Saint brendan's last voyage - 2013 original one act play festival

Thank you for a wonderful evening in Rochester Friday. My daughter and I had a grand time. Your theatre is great as are your actors and those supporting them. I am now back in Oregon seeing if I can find some more plays hidden in this computer and thinking about next year.
— John Byrne [John is a playwright from Albany, OR, whose play Saint Brendan's Last Voyage, was one of seven short plays selected for the 2013 Original One Act Play Festival.]

former MAYOR chuck hazama AS LORD MAYOR IN A CHRISTMAS CAROL - 2013

I can recommend to the Rochester community an evening with the Words Players “A Christmas Carol.” It’s a great way to start the holiday season, this story from the past with Dickens, Tiny Tim and Scrooge. It will leave you with a lump in your throat as Tiny Tim is lifted high on the shoulders of Scrooge.
— Chuck Hazama, former Mayor of Rochester (and guest performer in A Christmas Carol)

Musical theatre camp 2013

WP strives to have fun and learn at the same time. I never feel like a student when I’m there; they treat all the kids like creators. If you want to try something, they will help you make it happen.
— Logan Guo (age 11), in musical theatre camp

shakespeare in the park 2013

They all are so talented and entertaining. We will come to many more. Great job Words Players. Everyone needs to experience at least one show. I truly believe what they do and how they do it is unique and very entertaining and I want to see WP succeed.
— An audience member at Shakespeare in the Park
I love the Word Players and the leadership and confidence developed in the students. Of course, I love the entertainment value as well but the leadership development pays long term benefits to society.
— Senator Carla Nelson, on the Words Players Facebook page

Mayor Ardell Brede as lord mayor in a Christmas Carol - 2013

As grandfather, father and husband, it’s rare for me to find entertainment I can trust will be deeply enjoyable and appropriate for my whole family—bringing us joy, sure, but also prompting discussion and thoughtfulness, all in a family-appropriate context. My daughter-in-law is generally not a fan of theater, but after last year’s “A Christmas Carol,” she commented that she was immensely pleased, touched and impressed.
— Ardell Brede, Mayor of Rochester (and guest performer in several Words Players productions)

shakespeare in the park 2013

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we love Words Players’ productions. I think you have the most creative and talented group of young people in Rochester. I love the support, encouragement and freedom these kids have to create, write, direct and follow their ideas to fruition. What an amazing gift for the community. We are always blown away and inspired to explore our own creativity and ideas.
I get excited about going to theatre camp. The WP are very creative. But their place and props feel just like home.
— Morgan Guo (age 9), in My Father's Dragon and Honk camp
Love when my 8yr old granddaughter starts out her day at 8am with... “I LOVE Words Players, I can’t wait to be in it again next week!” Thanks Words Players for your summer day camps, you’re just what she needed!!

shakespeare in the park 2010


Romeo Revised - 2015 Original One Act Play Festival

Hi: I wanted to thank everyone for the fine short play festival last weekend and for the enthusiasm that was brought to my play, Romeo, Revised. I loved it.

I had a great time, my daughter from Minneapolis had a great time, her mother in law had a great time as did the mother in law’s friend. Thanks.
— John Byrne, playwright
The children and youth who participate in Words Players—-through a class, camp, or theatrical production—are transformed by the experience. Attending the performances is transformative for audiences as well. We feel the energy, language, music, and art, up close and made alive by the kids. As a teacher and parent, I get excited about this home grown, yet very professional, theatrical troupe because the children and teens who fuel it are so focused, energized, articulate, creative, passionate. And the adults are smart enough to get out of the way, to let them take ownership. Every time I walk through those doors, I think, “This is what I want for my children.” And every time I see the older youth perform or lead or teach, I see role models for my own children. I see people who are going to create positive change where ever they go.
— Dr. Pam Whitfield, 2010 MnSCU Educator of the Year

shakespeare in the park 2013

I have been attending your park productions for three summers and have constantly been amazed by the genius and education of the children involved. People need to realize what an asset your company is to children and the community. I grew up in the theatre and have been acting for 26 years. My daughter and I come from out of town to see your productions because they are amazing.
I really love and appreciate the grass roots, youth led theater troupe you all have created. It represents the kind of youthful, alternative, funky vibe I feel rochester is missing.

shakespeare in the park 2013

I recently had the good fortune to sit in the audience for a performance of Shakespeare in the Park. From the moment the wagon came bumbling in, pushed and pulled by musicians and players, I was captivated: Young men and women whose love of music, of stage, of the spoken word was evident! How this must change their lives – give them opportunities for self discipline, for creativity, for a sense of place among their fellow actors.