This was a delight. These high school kids know their Willy the Shake better than most college English majors and have knitted together a clever, delightfully entertaining show that never, ever sagged. They wrote the script and music themselves, performed on a variety of instruments, singing, acting, and—at one point—doing slapstick comedy with a ladder that was worthy of the best Laurel and Hardy routine.
— Stephen Peters - in a four star review of On the Road to Verona at the Minnesota Fringe Festival
Spectacular is not a great enough word for them.
— Mark Lazarchic, Twin Cities entrepreneur and Renaissance Festival street performer, in a five star review on the SkyVault Facebook page.
Renaissance Festival 2015

Renaissance Festival 2015

Presentation of the Bottomless Hat Award for Best New Act of 2014!

In all the years I have been here, certainly in the last 30, I have never seen a group walk through an audition and then come onto this site and so totally own the experience.
And doing so in a way that reminds all of us, I think, of what it really means to perform here for an audience.
— Carr Hagerman, Entertainment Director for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
It’s just a breath of fresh air... They create this amazing energy everywhere they go.
— William Bradshaw, a magician and fellow performer at the 2014 Renaissance Festival on the Witchwood Stage.
They were wonderful... This is very refreshing... I’m proud to have them coming here.
— The proprietor of the Royal Paws booth at the 2014 Renaissance Festival, near the Witchwood Stage where SkyVault performed.
It’s fun to watch people so excited about doing what they’re doing.
— Barrett, one of the vendors at the Renaissance Festival in 2014, near the Witchwood Stage where SkyVault performed.
Fun I will not soon forget! Talent I will always remember! This troop is on it’s way to the stars!
— Rocky Stanaitis, audience member and "fairy queen" participant at the 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival
I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. They bring the spirit of The Bard to life. :)
— Tara Stone, audience member at the 2014 Renaissance Festival
Renaissance Festival 2014 - From Craig Madsen Photography

Renaissance Festival 2014 - From Craig Madsen Photography