"On the road to brilliance!" *
"An amazing amalgamation of comedy, drama and pure fun, wrapped up into a Shakespearean show." *

A band of motley minstrels discover that Will, their erstwhile leader who took down all the notes on the shows they made up while on the road, has snuck off to London and taken all the adult actors with him.

WOWEE ZOWEE. I loved this show.” *

Left on the road, the juvenile troupe enacts a new play (The Two Gentlemen of Verona) based on a spare page of notes Will has left behind—though it sounds to them, “like the backwash from all our other plays.”

 The players explore—and utilize—the mysterious force that causes the inexplicable, contradictory motivations and self-destructive actions of characters in the play.

"This was a delight." *
"The Best Show I’ve Seen At Fringe." *

"These kids have knitted together a clever, delightfully entertaining show that never, ever sagged. They wrote the script and music themselves, performed on a variety of instruments, singing, acting, and—at one point—doing slapstick comedy with a ladder that was worthy of the best Laurel and Hardy routine. I plan to go see this again." *

* Don’t take our word for it.

All the quotations on these pages are excerpted from unsolicited comments from theatre-goers who are active in the Minneapolis theatre world comparing On the Road to Verona with the entire spectrum of 168 different Fringe Festival performances.
(For all these excerpts in one place, click here,  And a link to the unexcerpted reviews—including, of course (alas), those that are less glowing than these we have cheekily quoted, on these pages: http://www.fringefestival.org/show/?id=20160990.)