"The music ability was insane." *
"The music is worth watching the show for." *

“I loved the music and acting and there were so many subtle jokes along with the over the top ones. It was so well balanced.” *

“Soundtrack” music underscores almost the entire play. The music is improvisation-based and much of it changes in response to audience interaction and other variations in each performance.

“The original music was absolutely incredible with one song after another moving the show along and setting the mood in a phenomenal way.” *

I had to count the number of instruments played by one cast member.” *

Starting with Shakespeare’s texts, the ensemble cast of nine created nine new songs, integrating them in the story without interrupting the dramatic and comedic flow.

“Whine - women and song! This one has it all. I had to count the number of instruments played by one cast member alone. Multi-talented and multi-tasking. Oh to be young!” *

"Musically and in performance they are solid and professional." *

Facebook posts provide lyrics, in real time, as they are being sung by characters on stage — and better enable the audience to join in the sing-along “Outlaw’s Song.”  Posts also compare the original texts and the ensemble’s adaptation of it, along with comments on their reasons for adapting the texts as they have.



“The spirit and ease with which they portray the numerous plots and destinations makes this adaptation interesting and enjoyable. The music is worth watching the show for and a slapstick bit with a ladder.”

Those, oh,
so-Elizabethan words.

"The cast is truly amazing, both as musicians and as actors." *

“A clever, witty, musical that was fast paced and entertaining.” *

“Their multi-instrumentalists on the cast keep a steady musical flow that pushes the show along.” *

"We would love to have the soundtrack!" *

Then hang on to your hats and we’ll get you one.

Watch for a Demo CD which will be part of our crowd funding campaign to raise the money to professionally record the music for On the Road to Verona.


* Don’t take our word for it.

All the quotations on these pages are excerpted from unsolicited comments from theatre-goers who are active in the Minneapolis theatre world comparing On the Road to Verona with the entire spectrum of 168 different Fringe Festival performances.
(For all these excerpts in one place, click hereAnd a link to the unexcerpted reviews—including, of course (alas), those that are less glowing than these we have cheekily quoted, on these pages: http://www.fringefestival.org/show/?id=20160990.)