"So freaking funny and cute!" *
Soledad Kern 2016
"You may very well be watching the future stars of the Minneapolis theatre scene." *

We’re humbly grateful for the enthusiastic reviewer comment! And even hope it to be true.

In another sense, though, our unflagging commitment is to collaborative creativity in a community. We don't look for individual stars. Nor do we aim to make individual stars. We don’t pay much attention to who wrote what, which idea was whose or where my job stops and hers begins—to which of us writes, which acts, which sings or plays.                                       

Our actors work as an ensemble — they always work as an ensemble. And they work hard as an ensemble — always relying on what each individual brings that will make the ensemble more creative, more innovative — more real.

You can see, in the biographical sketches of the ensemble, below, some of the ways each has worked hard, some of the ways they have learned how to do what they do. 

"This gang of kids are already seasoned pros." *

Always serious.

Watch the two trailers the cast created for Facebook friends.


* Don’t take our word for it.

All the quotations on these pages are excerpted from unsolicited comments from theatre-goers who are active in the Minneapolis theatre world comparing On the Road to Verona with the entire spectrum of 168 different Fringe Festival performances.
(For all these excerpts in one place, click hereAnd a link to the unexcerpted reviews—including, of course (alas), those that are less glowing than these we have cheekily quoted, on these pages: http://www.fringefestival.org/show/?id=20160990.)