"Don't miss these crazily talented kids and their hilarious, moving show!” *
"These young players have dramatic chops." *

“These adolescents do a fantastic job of combining Shakespeare's intent with his wit and adaptability. The songs are wonderfully performed and seem organic, rather than forced, and the comedy is light and fun.” *

“Genuinely the whole play is snappy, but don't let that fool you, these young players have dramatic chops. The rape of Silvia left the audience on the edge of their seats.” *

“For the first time ever, I felt like I met a human being in Proteus - no easy feat with that character.” *

Shakespeare would be proud!” *

“I have seen many productions of Two Gents, but none so fun, engaging, or moving as this one. Toe-tapping music combined with infectious excitement and a rare commitment to their story.” *

“These kids do in 50 minutes what older and more ‘experienced’ actors can't do in more than twice that: they give life to the core of Shakespeare's story without allowing themselves to be bogged down by society's expectations for Shakespeare.” *

"Having seen so many interpretations of Shakespeare,
I thought it was refreshing to see something so new and fun." *

* Don’t take our word for it.

All the quotations on these pages are excerpted from unsolicited comments from theatre-goers who are active in the Minneapolis theatre world comparing On the Road to Verona with the entire spectrum of 168 different Fringe Festival performances.
(For all these excerpts in one place, click hereAnd a link to the unexcerpted reviews—including, of course (alas), those that are less glowing than these we have cheekily quoted, on these pages: http://www.fringefestival.org/show/?id=20160990.)