Look at the program from the show that includes director's notes and writer's notes.

Watch the show below or see it in full HD at the Words Players SmugMug site.

Tower 5, by Sera Horse:

The Being in the Hat, by Naomi Maylone:

Two Roads, by Columcille Driscoll:

After Twenty Years, by Columcille Driscoll:

No Love on Father's Day, by Nick Rudlong:

Escape Heavenward, by Columcille Driscoll:

Pre-intermission Instructions:

The Being in the Hat - version 2, by Naomi Maylone:

The Park, by Abby Aagenes:


Remnants, by Nick Rudlong:


Two Roads, by Columcille Driscoll:


Tea Without Sugar, by Sophia Beyer:


Curtain Call:


Post-Performance Discussion - Part 1:


Post-Performance Discussion - Part 2: