The Renaissance: Bridge from Middle Ages to modern history

Inspired by our involvement in The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, we will explore the era together, discovering the forces that drove this cultural rebirth throughout Europe. The study will incorporate literature, art, maps, and crafts.

Ages 10 and up                      1 - 3 pm                Wednesdays       Jan 13 - May 11
                                                 (no class March 23)

$200 (32 hours) non-members
[Discounts up to 100% for members]

Story Illustration

We will collaborate with the Creative Writing students to illustrate their stories and poems, with the intent to publish the finished works. With close communication between the writer, artist, and instructor, we will discover the way in which pictures and words tell stories together.

Students can work in the medium of their choice and will supply their own materials. We can offer suggestions to each student about what medium will best suit the story or what medium they might enjoy working with.

A portion of class time will be devoted to learning drawing foundations-- observational drawing, color theory, design and composition, etc. --  topics that can be applied to the individual projects. 

Ages 6 and up             11:30am-1:00pm          Saturdays         February 6 - May 14

No experience necessary

Tuition $210 (or $15 per class) non-members
[Discounts up to 100% for members]

Instructor: Jonathan Muroya. Jonathan has done a variety of artwork for Words Players and SkyVault, ranging from production posters to the SkyVault logo, as well as set design and artwork.

Songs of Praise

We will look at how hymns work: How the poetry and music work together to connect us to the doctrinal truths that are expressed.

8-12/ 12 and up*                 2:15 - 3:30pm          Tuesdays      March 29 - May 10
*Students will be divided into groups by age.

$85   (10 hours) non-members
[Discounts up to 100% for members]


(All summer classes and camps will be held at the Words Players Warehouse building at 920 2nd. St. NE



Always wanted to write your own play?

With the goal being to submit plays to Words Players 9th annual Original Short Play Festival (performed in October), students will spend time looking at the art form of the play. They'll look at what makes plays different from short stories, novels or poetry, and will take take a quick cruise through history, looking at the form, from the Greeks through present time. 

The primary focus, though, rather than being on the literature of plays, will be on writing, reading, performing, and revising our own plays. We'll have writers from past festivals come in and talk about the process they went through, and we'll ask our ever-ready stable of actors to come in and perform, in pre-workshop form, the plays the students are working on. We'll look at the place of dialog, stage directions, setting and other elements, and give hearty thumbs up and maybe even gentle shrugs together to strengthen the plays. 

Ages 11 and up       June 25 - August 6  (Saturdays)        10:00 - 11:15am

Tuition $70 for non-members
[Discounts up to 100% for members]



For youth stout of sinew and bold of heart. And those willing to battle the forces of good and evil.


Sword play, archery & stealing from the rich

Everyone knows the legend of Robin Hood and his Merry Men – battling with the quarter staff, shooting the longbow, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, and singing songs to maidens.  It’s the stuff that has captured the imaginations of people since those fabled escapades in medieval England, and legends since then have immortalized this Outlaw of the Green Wood and his men.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s award-winning Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company created new a Sherwood Forest Encampment at the 2015 Renaissance Festival, and will be returning to the camp this year.

 Join us at this summer to learn some of what our actors do during the seven weekends of the Festival. We’ll focus on archery, sword play, improvisation, audience interaction, Sherwood-speak, music, and, of course, a bit of stealing from the rich. Camp participants will also make their own leather pouch as a souvenir. The camp will culminate in a mini performance on the last day for friends and family.

 And who knows? Maybe you’ll even want to join us in Sherwood Forest this summer.

Limited places in the band of outlaws; early registration suggested.

 Ages 6 - 12                  9am - 3pm           $240
June 13 - 17       
June 27 - July 1
[Discounts up to 100% for members]

Instructors: Daved Driscoll, director, and members of The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company


A week of enacting stories with heroes and scoundrels, battling light and dark. We'll work on several aspects of theatre – acting, movement, on-stage combat, music, and stage battle. The camp will culminate in a mini battle, er, performance on the last day for friends and family.

Ages 6 - 12       9am - 3pm           $240     
June 20 - 24
[Discounts up to 100% for members]

Instructors: Daved Driscoll, director, and members of The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company


Imaginations will run amok as we draw anything that's wacky, wild, and weird. We will create our own zany cast of characters and build our own galaxies to tell the greatest story ever. The only limit is your imagination!

Each day of the camp will be devoted to designing a certain aspect of a visual story: Heroes, villains, creatures, planets. Students will put their ideas into comic-book form to share with the class.

Ages 6 - 12
JUNE 20 - 24      3 - 5pm           $100 +$30 materials fee
[Discounts up to 100% for members]


For any youth needing to stay past the camp time.

Ages 6-12
All camp weeks        3 - 5pm       $15/hour  (payment via cash or check on day of camp care)

Supervision by members of The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company

Registration and Tuition (including discounts and scholarships)

Registration is due prior to the first day of the class or camp.

To register by mail, print and fill out the registration form and mail to the address below.

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Summer Classes

Play Writing - Summer 2016

Summer Camps

Adventures in Sherwood Forest
Droid Wars Theatre Camp - Summer
Drawing! Sci-Fi / Fantasy Comic Camp - Summer

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