The Journey


Why We Do What We Do, and How You Can Be a Part of It

Cowboys and indians, Star Wars jedis, little families (or "you be the mommy and i'll be the one in the pretty clothes"). 

People tell stories because we can't help it. It's what we do and what we are meant to do. (Oh, the brilliant, creative simplicity of childhood stories and make believe.)

We grow up, but we still CREATE. we express how we experience life -- through the pen or the page or the stage. or through a batch of cookies, a computer algorithm, a game, a doodle. 


Creating Together

At Northland Words, our actors work as an ensemble. they work hard as an ensemble, and they create as an ensemble. original words and shows and music. Each individual brings something to the group. We don't look for individual super stars, nor do we aim to make individual super stars. Our ensembles rely on the realness of each person, warts and all, as the HONK! song goes. Warts make for some pretty great stories (and country songs), if you haven't noticed.

Audiences are integral to story telling. What's a story, after all, without an audience? We believe that and we live that. We rely on audiences to help us tell our stories. We don't like to stand way up there, on stage, while an audience sits way out there, in often uncomfortable seats. We can't guarantee comfy seats, but we won't stand separate from you for very long. 

Whether it's participating with us as an actor, student, teacher, audience member, you will be part of an ensemble. we will create together. tell stories together. make mistakes together. And come out stronger for all of it. 


We'll Bring it To You

Bring it to your:

  1. School, with educational components including:

    • Pre-show classroom summary of Shakespeare, Two Gents, Discussion of what matters
    • Post-show discussions with cast
    • Introduction to improvisational acting, storytelling, music-making
  2. College
  3. Community Theatre
  4. Civic or Corporate event

"WOWEE ZOWEEE. I loved this show."

"Their musical and comedic versatility kept me glued to the stage for the entire show."

"For the first time ever, I felt like I met a human being in Proteus - no easy feat with that character. Don't miss these crazily talented kids and their hilarious, moving show!"

"Having seen so many interpretations of Shakespeare, I thought it was refreshing to see something so new and fun."

"These musically inclined (very) young players set out to prove that you don't need middle-aged actors pretending to be teenagers to successfully carry out a Shakespeare play."