March 2016 - Book Travelers

Children’s Troupe playwrights created a brand-new musical called Book Travelers,  where young adventurers travel back in time and into the pages of children's books, to restore happy endings that were maliciously altered by an evil villain. 

Original story by members of the Words Players Children's Troupe.
Original music by members of The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company.

Listen to a sample of the new music from SkyVault for the production by clicking here.

Ages 6-10
Shows March 11, 12, 13 at STEM Academy (415 16th St. SW)

See more photos on the Words Players SmugMug site.

See the initial news release for the production.

Look at the program from the show.


Watch a couple clips from one of the performances

Queenzie, the school bully, shows her stuff (performed by Destiny Bohner, age 10):

Luigi, one of Christopher Columbus's sailors, laments his lost love, who left him because he didn't like to read (performed by Isaac McCuller, age 9):

May 2015 - nAnnie McTwist

Members of Words Players Junior Troupe developed nAnnie McTwist for their 2015 production - an original musical where famous orphans meet famous nannies for a twisted adventure. Characters and songs you’ll recognize (plus original music), and familiar stories that are a bit…topsy-turvey.

A brief synopsis:  A mysterious agency supplies nannies and counter-nannies (villains) to tend to orphans.  We meet Nanny McPhee, Maria Von Tropp, and Mary Poppins, who are unemployed and looking for new jobs.  Oliver Twist, Orphan Annie, and the Baudelaire orphans from A Series of Unfortunate Events, are all miserable with their villainous keepers (Mr. Bumble, Miss Hannigan, and Count Olaf.)

The nannies, who don't really like each other's methods, make a wager to see who can reform the children and oust the villains the quickest.  But who is the mysterious owner of the agency?

The students wrote the script and Jill Pearson wrote the songs.

See the entire collection of photos at the Words Players SmugMug site.

Read the article in the Rochester Post-Bulletin 507 Magazine.

Take a look at the program from the show.

Listen to recordings of the initial concept tracks for the show.

Take a look at the cool trailer by Dominic Presa, who played Oliver in the show and attended Friedell Middle School when not performing or making movies:

Watch a couple clips from one of the performances

The cast sings about picking pockets:

Count Olaf (Aiden Driscoll) sings about a dream date with Maria Von Trapp (Megan Pearson), Mary Poppins (Alexis O'Neil), and Nanny McFee (Grace Pearson), while his mother (Pali Kuhlmann) makes sure he follows through: