Artistic Director Daved Driscoll on What to Expect in an Audition:

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SkyVault Musical Valentines

Treat your valentine to a special musical gift this year, delivered by members of the SkyVault troupe, with options for traditional songs or original compositions from their On the Road to Verona show.

Click the image to the right for more details; listen to excerpts of some of the songs, see the lyrics for the original compositions, and place your order below.


To Silvia

Holy fair, and wise is she
That heaven’s grace did lend her
And as she might admired be
That all our swains commend her

Upon the dull earth dwelling
To her let us garlands bring
Is she kind as she is fair
To Silva let us sing

For beauty lives with kindness
Love doth her eyes repair
To help him of his blindness
And being helped inhabits there

Upon the dull earth dwelling
To her let us garlands bring
Is she kind as she is fair
To Silva let us sing

Naked Name of Love

With bitter fasts
With nightly tears
Love’s a mighty lord
And daily heart sore sighs In my contempt of love
Hath chased the sleep from my enthralled eyes

And makes them watchers of mine heart’s own sorrow
On the back of Cupid’s wings I borrow
Now I can break my fast and dine and sup and sleep
Upon the very naked name of love

She’s the root of a summer swelling flower
And make rough winter hours sweet
Forgive me I do not dream on thee
For love is full of Jealousy
Is full of Jealousy

And makes them watchers of mine heart’s own sorrow
On the back of Cupid’s wings I borrow
Now I can break my fast and dine and sup and sleep
Upon the very naked name of love

Love Is Not Love

To be in love scorn is bought with groans
Coy looks with heart sore sighs
One fading moment's mirth
With twenty watchful weary tedious nights
Love is not Love unless it shows
Love is not love least let men know

Write till your Ink be dry
You sacrifice your heart your tears your sighs
As true love should do it cannot speak
For truth hath better deeds when words are weak
If happily won a hapless gain
If lost why then a grievous pain

Here’s my hand for my true constancy
And when that hour in day or’slips me
Then should I be filled and racked with shame
When the hour comes when I sigh not your name
Torment me for love's forgetfulness
And seal it with this Holy kiss
And seal it with this Holy kiss


Email or call to schedule a delivery:    507-216-6431

Once the delivery is confirmed, order details and payment can be made below.

SkyVault Musical Valentine
Song selection(s):




An opportunity to perform a "bit” (a musical number, skit, dance routine, monologue, poem, etc.) for a live audience. 
All ages welcome.

FEB 18   MARCH 25   APRIL 22   MAY 13


Solo acts should be 3 minutes or less. Acts with two or more people can be up to 5 minutes in length. At this time, please plan to do only one bit. Acts will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. If the time allowed is filled and we can’t use your act, we will notify you by email.

Note: A CD player and piano are available. 

Please sign up by Feb. 10 for the Feb. 18 event.

To register for one of the dates, please email the following information to

  • Name(s)
  • Email & phone
  • Type of act (for example, skit, dance routine, monologue, song, etc.
  • Act name and composer (or writer, author, etc.)
  • Instrument(s) used (CD player, piano, etc.)
  • Timed length of act
  • Interested in performing a second bit?  (You will be contacted for more info on this if the show schedule permits.)

Event venue:  
Words Players @ Crossroads College, 2nd Floor, Academic Bldg.
920 Mayowood Rd SW


Youth Theatre


Ages 6-10
Third Saturday of the Month

Drama, music & movement. Part workshop, part performance, part breakfast. Hands–on acting and story telling opportunities for young actors. Parents welcome for the entire time or for the last 15 minutes of performance.

Dec. 17, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, Mar. 18, Apr. 15, May 20, Jun. 17
9-10:30 am

$5 per workshop (register ahead of time, please).
Tuition discounts for members.
See below for registration and tuition.

All sessions held at Words Players Theatre, on the former campus of Crossroads College:
920 Mayowood Rd. SW.



A story created and performed by members of the Words Players Children's Troupe.

Performances: February 24, 25, 26
Tickets $10 for adults and $5 for students.


JUNIOR TROUPE   appx. AGES 10-16
Auditions: April 4, 2017
Rehearsals: April 17 - June 1
Performances: May 26, 27, 28, June 2, 3.
Tuition: $150   Family cap $300



October 2016 - October 2017
Ages 10 - adult

For actors who have been involved with SkyVault at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest. And for new actors. (In preparation for performance at the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival, August – October, 2017.)


Training is held every Tuesday and Thursday night, from 6:15 - 8:00 PM.


Membership at the EMPOWER level ($211 - $415/month, includes participation in all other Words Players / SkyVault activities for the season).

Click here to become a member, and see below for registration.


The SkyVault Academy will provide training for actors wanting to pursue SkyVault involvement, which includes a variety of performance opportunities, determined according to participant skills and availability.

Training focuses on specific areas relevant to performance in the Renaissance Festival's Sherwood Forest (among other things), including:

  • Stage Combat
  • Gymnastics/acrobatics
  • Stiltwalking acrobatics
  • Archery
  • Music

Participants will be “certified” to participate in specific areas at SkyVault’s Renaissance Festival Sherwood Forest. Participants can be “certified” in multiple areas, depending on skill and training.

Throughout the training, actors will be divided into groups, and possibly, different performance troupes, depending on experience, ability and commitment level.

Only Troupe members will be part of “Stage Performance” or “’Freelance’ Performance at the Renaissance Festival.


(The current SkyVault troupe of seven is closed to more members at this time. We will look to form (a) new troupe/s as interest indicates.)

Those SkyVault Academy actors interested in going beyond the training of the Academy, may audition/interview for places in (a) new Troupe(s) which will form in early November and which will have additional, separate rehearsal times and performance opportunities.  This (these) new Troupe/s will develop its (their) own performance productions, based on member interests.

SkyVault Troupe members will perform (among other places) at SkyVault’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest.  Troupe members will either be part of a Stage Performance or “Freelance” Performance — or both.

Details on the audition/interview process can be directed to Alissa Kludtke,

Registration and Tuition (including discounts and scholarships)

5% to 100% discounts for supporting members:

Supporting members are donors who give to our work year round.  If you are not yet a monthly donor, join us today and receive immediate discounts on classes this semester (and quarterly newsletters and other benefits, listed on our website).  You can sign up via to donate on-line, or make arrangements through your financial institution to issue a check each month. (Please let us know if you have any questions.) Ongoing, monthly support is what enables us to keep doing our work, and to know how to plan.  THANK YOU, MEMBERS!

  • Northland Words is a 501(c)(3) organization. Membership and donations are 100% tax deductible.
  • Tuition may be eligible for Minnesota education tax credit.
  • Monthly payments accepted.
  • Northland Words is committed to not turning anyone away for financial reasons. Scholarships available. Please complete and return the scholarship notification form.

Registration is due prior to the first day of the class or camp.

To register by mail, print and fill out the registration form and mail to the address below.

 Registration Form


To register by email:

Please send:
   Student’s name and email __________________________________
   Parent’s name, email and phone # ____________________________
   Class/session name _______________________________________


Payment can be made on-line via PayPal below.