Artistic Director Daved Driscoll on What to Expect in an Audition:

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Auditions for performance opportunities at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is the largest renaissance festival in the United States, with an annual attendance of 300,000. The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company has been performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 2014, and will be returning this year with an expanded presence.

Rochester’s Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company and entertainment staff from The Minnesota Renaissance Festival will each hold Rochester auditions for their 2016 Festival troupes this month at The Warehouse, 920 2nd Street NE, Rochester.

AUDITIONS for roles in the SkyVault Renaissance Festival Troupe

April 9 and 16 from 10am – 2pm


SkyVault, recipients of The Bottomless Hat/Best New Act Award at the 2014 Renaissance Festival and a nominee for the Best Street Performance Award, was tapped last year to occupy a brand new themed area, Sherwood Forest. (The woodland area had served in previous years as a Fairywing Forest.) The success and popularity of the Robinhood-esque encampment resulted in even further expanding this gladed area in 2016.

In addition to the Sherwood Forest performers, a troupe of minstrels and their minstrel wagon are the other facet of SkyVault’s Renaissance Festival performance.

SkyVault’s director Daved Driscoll is looking for approximately 40 – 50 additional SkyVault actors this summer, for both performance components at the Festival.

Auditions will be for:

  • Musicians
  • Street performers
  • Possibly: members of the SkyVault performance ensemble

Actors should email to schedule a 15 minute audition time on either Saturday.

Those selected for the Festival troupe will be expected to participate in at least minimal training this summer prior to the Festival. Adults may opt for minimal or more extensive training (for which there is a cost). Youth actors will be required to have the extensive training, which will focus on physical acting, music, vocals, stage play, improvisation, and ensemble groups.

What to expect at auditions:

  • Play a musical instrument that you know – at any level. Bring the instrument with you. We can develop rudimentary playing skills into winsome aspects of the performance. Don’t let a lack of musical experience dissuade you – not every performer needs it.
  • Informally sing or hum or whistle.
  • Share a prepared monologue, especially one from Shakespeare. But if you don’t have one, it’s not necessary.
  • Participate in simple, informal acting exercises with others.


  • Actors ages 10 – 17 must be accompanied at auditions by a parent.
  • Individual schedules – rehearsing and performing -- can be accommodated after casting.

SkyVault Renaissance Festival Troupe Auditions
April 9 and 16 from 10am – 2pm
at The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company
920 2nd Street NE Rochester 


AUDITIONS for roles in The Minnesota Renaissance Festival Troupe

April 16 from 10am – 2pm

Minnesota Renaissance Festival entertainment staff will be in Rochester on April 16 to audition actors interested in being part of the Festival’s performance troupe. (This is not a combined audition with SkyVault, but a separate audition for Festival actors.)

The Festival is looking for musicians, bands, performance ensembles, actors, dancers, singers, acrobats, stage combat aficionados, and unique characters of all shapes and sizes to showcase their talents. If invited to participate, the Festival provides a character-building academy to help foster the skills, fortitude and excitement that bring to life the unique performance experiences of the Festival.

Those interested in scheduling an audition with the Renaissance Festival on April 16 can click here to sign up for an audition time, and click here to download an audition form.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival Troupe Auditions
April 16 from 10am – 2pm
at The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company
920 2nd Street NE Rochester 



  • Daved Driscoll and SkyVault troupe members will teach at a June, Festival academy session on Festival grounds in Shakopee.
  • Festival staff will hold several auditions in the Twin Cities Metro area for Festival-specific performers. Daved Driscoll will participate in two Festival audition dates in the Twin Cities metro area this summer, auditioning others for SkyVault participation during those events.
    • Auditions in the Twin Cities will be held on April 23 and May 7 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Renaissance Festival site in Shakopee, 12364 Chestnut Boulevard. Click here to sign up for an audition time, and click here to download an audition form.

2016 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Dates

  • Weekends August 20 - October 2
  • Plus Labor Day (Sept. 5) and Festival Friday (Sept. 30) - Approximate performance hours 8am - 8pm 

Youth Theatre

Junior Troupe

Phantom of the High Skool Musical is an original production by members of the Junior Troupe. Plot elements have been inspired by Phantom of the Opera and High School Musical, among others, and the writing team has developed an original script and score.

When the phantom leaves the opera and wanders into a high school musical, mystery and hilarity ensue.  If you're familiar with these Broadway and Disney hit musicals, you'll enjoy our clever references.  If not, you will still be in for a treat as the students of Bedlow High try to catch the school phantom while preparing for their big musical.  Our story and music, created by a group of teens and mentors from Words Players, will keep you guessing to the end!

Ages 10-15
Shows May 6, 7, 8 at STEM Academy (415 16th St. SW)

Tickets on sale now!